Monster Truck Invasion – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we frequently receive:

  • Dates:
    • Saturday September 10th
  • Times: (Note: All times are approximate and may be adjusted due to weather, attendance, or management’s discretion.)
    • Gates open: 5 PM
    • Pit Party on the front stretch: 5 PM – 6:30 PM
    • Event starts: 7 PM
  • Admission Prices:
    • Advance Tickets(By September 8th)Note: After September 8th, tickets will only be sold at the gate the day of the event.
      • Adult(13 and up): $15
      • Children(4-12): $5
      • Children(3 and under): Free
    • Day of Event
      • Adult(13 and up): $20
      • Children(4-12): $5
      • Children(3 and under): Free
  • How can I get tickets?
    • Tickets will be available at the gate the day of the event. They can also be purchased online at until September 7th. Tickets purchased online will be available for pickup on the day of the event at the track Will Call/Box office window. The Will Call window will be located at the main entrance(large White Building) to the speedway.
  • What are the details on the Free Kid’s Ticket?
    • Free Kid’s tickets are available for kids 12 and under.
    • You can download and print the ticket from HERE.
    • To use the free ticket, just go to any grandstand entry gate with the ticket and a valid, unused, paid adult ticket. The child must be with the adult when entering the gate the first time. Once an adult ticket has been used at an entry gate, the free kid’s ticket can no longer be used with it.
    • One Free Kid’s Ticket can be used for each one adult ticket purchased.
    • Additional Kid’s tickets can be purchased for $5
  • What is the schedule of events?
    • The show will consist of SIX Monster Trucks competing in racing, freestyle and other competitions. Plus, a Championship Demo Derby will take place during the event.
  • What trucks are competing?
    • Scheduled to compete are Bootlegger, Bugzillia, County Mounty, Invader 1, Monkey Business, and Never Satisfied
  • Is there reserved seating? Can I sit in a certain area? What about wheelchair seating? 
    • All seating is General Admission. There are no pre-reserved seats. Once the gates open each day, guests will be allowed to mark their own seats. We do have wheelchair accessible seating on our front stretch near the scoring tower. Also, most of the backstretch is at ground level and would be accessible to a wheelchair.
    • Note: The “Pit area” that is used for competitors on our normal racing programs will be closed and not accessible to guests at this event.
  • Can I see the trucks up close and meet the drivers? 
    • Yes. There will be a pre-event Pit Party from 5 to 6:30 on the front stretch where you can see the trucks and drivers. This Pit Party is open to all guests. The pit party will be accessible from the track entrance at the base of the scoring tower.
    • During the party, the ride truck Cruzin will be on hand for guests to ride in a real Monster Truck
  • Can I bring a cooler? Alcohol? Food and drinks? A seat with a back?
    • Coolers are not allowed at this event.
    • Stadium seats/seats with backs are allowed. Seat pads are permitted.
    • Due to state law, no alcohol is allowed to be carried in or out of the speedway gates. We do have a variety of beer available for purchase on both our front and back stretch. We also have a bar set up with liquor and mixed drinks available on our back stretch.
    • Bags and any other carry-in items may be searched.
    • You can hand carry non-alcoholic drinks or snacks in.
  •  Where are you located?
    • We are at 12234 US Highway 42. For map sites, use Walton, KY 41094 as the City and Zip.
    • To get to the track:
      • From the North on I-71/75:
        • Take exit 180(Florence/Union/US 42) off I-75/71. Turn Right (West) on US 42. Follow US 42 9 miles to the track on the left.
        • Alternate Route: Take exit 175 (Richwood/KY 338). Go Right on KY 338. Follow KY 338 approx 5 miles to US 42. Turn Left on US 42. Follow US 42 .5 – 1 mile to the track on the left.
      • From the South on I-75:
        • Take exit 175 (Richwood/KY 338). Turn Left on KY 338. Follow KY 338 approx 5 miles to US 42. Go Left on US 42. Follow US 42 approx .5 – 1 mile to the track on the left.
        • Alternate Route: Take exit 171 (Walton). Turn Left off the exit. At the second light (KY 1292/Beaver Road) turn Right. Follow KY 1292/Beaver Road approx 5 miles to US 42. Turn Left on US 42. Follow US 42 .3 of a mile to the track on the Left. (Note: KY 1292 is a tight two-lane road and is not recommended for high profile vehicles.)
      • From the South on I-71:
        • Follow I-71 through the I-75 merge. Take I-75 exit 175 (Richwood/KY 338). Turn Left on KY 338. Follow KY 338 approx 5 miles to US 42. Turn Left on US 42. Follow US 42 approx .5 – 1 mile to the track on the left.
        • Alternate Route: Take exit 72 (Verona/KY 14). Turn Left on KY 14. Follow KY 14 for approx 2.5 miles to US 42. Turn Right on US 42 approx 2.5 miles to the track on the Right. (Note: KY 14 is a tight, winding road with a very steep slope. It is not recommended for motor-homes or those pulling trailers.)
  • Do you take credit cards?
    • Yes. We accept credit cards at our front stretch entrance gate, and also all concession stands, our front stretch beer booth, and our backstretch bar. There is a $10 minimum sale for credit card transactions.
  • There is rain forecasted or it’s raining, is the event cancelled?
    • Our policy is that unless we have cancelled or announced a change, everything is on as scheduled. We will not make predictions on what will happen at any particular event either due to weather or other circumstances. If you want a weather report, put our zip code, 41094, in your choice of weather app. If there are any changes, they would be posted to our Facebook and website as soon as they occur.
  • Can I camp at the track?
    • Camping is allowed at the track. All camping is primitive as there are no hook-ups or dump stations. Camping is first-come first served and is almost always free of charge. Generally you will want to camp at the perimeter of the parking lots, and we do ask that you take up only the room you need.
  • What are the details on the Demo Derby?
    • Cost
      • Pit admission price: $30
      • Car Entry Fee: $20
    • Purse:
      • 1st: $1,000
      • 2nd: $500
      • 3rd: $200
    • Rules:
      • Derby Rules:
        For Questions: Brad Wagers 513-602-5955 or Dave Cook 513-378-5246
        1. All judge’s rulings are final
        2. 1980 or newer cars. Pre ran cars ok. If running a pre ran doesn’t mean you can crease, tuck or weld on anything. We can tell the difference
        3. Cars must be 100% stock!ll No cross breeding. Entire drive line must be same as car. (Chevy to Chevy, Ford to Ford). Must be factory engine. Pipes through hood ok.
        4. Drivers door may be welded. All other doors must be chained or wired. No more than 6 places
        5. Trunks must be chained or wired. No more than 6 places. TRUNKS MUST BE OPEN DURING INSPECTION! No welding or adding metal. No welding washers for holes.
        6. Hoods may be bolted in 2 places sheet metal to sheet metal. No all thread. May be wired or chained in 4 spots. 1/4″ chain or 2 strands of wire per hole. It must be sheet metal to sheet metal only. No welding washers for holes. Must be 12″ hole in hood in case of fire. Hood must be open for inspection. Remove hood latch.
        7. Must use tires. Must be stock wheels. Any tire ok.
        8. Gas tanks may be moved or left in stock position. Fuel cell preferred but stock tanks ok. Must be secured and does not move. No more than 3 gallons of gas.
        9. Battery can be moved to passenger seat. Must be secured and covered.
        10. Windshield can be removed. If removed must run 2 windshield bars. One in front of driver other in middle of cowl.
        11. The following must be removed prior to entering fairgrounds. Windows, headlights, tail lights, all chrome and mirrors, Interior must be swept clean of debris and glass
        12. Stock springs and shocks. No solid suspensions. Spring risers ok. Wire chains or any weld on rear end spring pockets. Cars must bounce and be stock. Bottom of bumper heights. Car must sit no higher 21″ from ground to bottom of bumper. No lower than 16″ from ground to bottom of bumper.
        13. Bar behind seat is highly recommended.
        14. Car must look and be stock
        15. Paint front doors in contrasting paint. EXAMPLE: If the car is black paint doors white.
        16. Battery may be moved inside of car. 1 battery only. If moved it must be secured and covered if left in stock you can spray foam around battery.
        17. Bumpers can be welded on including bumper shocks. DEC type bumpers ok. NO POINTY BUMPERS
        18. Read rules carefully and follow them! This is a cheap and easy build. Any questions call! There will no starching or bending of rules. NO REFUNDS
        19. Once cars are inspected, they will be put in an impound area. No one is allowed to touch car in impound area