Frequently Asked Questions
Are you still racing tonight?

Our policy is that unless we have cancelled or announced a change, everything is on as scheduled. We will not make predictions on what will happen at any particular event either due to weather or other circumstances. In this day and age of social media and instant communications, a track saying things like “We probably won’t race” or “It’s not looking good, you probably shouldn’t drive XX hours” is the same as saying it’s cancelled. So unless we are officially cancelled, we will only give information that is already publicly available. We recommend you keep an eye on our Facebook page and website as any changes will be posted there as soon as they occur.

Are you racing (tonight, tomorrow, next week, etc.)? How much is it to get in? What time do you start? What divisions are running?

You can see our complete schedule at Once on the schedule page, clicking on any event will give you complete event info including prices, times, and what divisions are competing.

I have a race car and need to know the (tire, weight, etc) rule. What’s the payout for this week?

In the Drivers section at you can find complete rules for all of our weekly divisions. You can also find our weekly purse structure there as well.

Can I bring a cooler? Alcohol? Food and drinks? A seat with a back?

  • Coolers up to 14″ x 14″ x 14″ and seats with backs are allowed to be brought in at most of our events. At certain events, however, they will not be permitted. Typically this is due to attendance expectations and the space those items take up. Check the event info page from the schedule page if you have question about a specific event.
  • You can bring food and drinks in with you, but no glass bottles are allowed.
  • Due to state law, no alcohol is allowed to be carried in or out of the speedway gates. We do have a variety of beer available for purchase on both out front and back stretch. We also have a bar set up with liquor and mixed drinks available on our back stretch.

Where are you located?

  • We are at 12234 US Highway 42. For map sites, use Walton, KY 41094 as the City and Zip.
  • To get to the track:
    • From the North on I-71/75:
      • Take exit 180(Florence/Union/US 42) off I-75/71. Turn Right (West) on US 42. Follow US 42 9 miles to the track on the left.
      • Alternate Route: Take exit 175 (Richwood/KY 338). Go Right on KY 338. Follow KY 338 approx 5 miles to US 42. Turn Left on US 42. Follow US 42 .5 – 1 mile to the track on the left.
    • From the South on I-75:
      • Take exit 175 (Richwood/KY 338). Turn Left on KY 338. Follow KY 338 approx 5 miles to US 42. Go Left on US 42. Follow US 42 approx .5 – 1 mile to the track on the left.
      • Alternate Route: Take exit 171 (Walton). Turn Left off the exit. At the second light (KY 1292/Beaver Road) turn Right. Follow KY 1292/Beaver Road approx 5 miles to US 42. Turn Left on US 42. Follow US 42 .3 of a mile to the track on the Left. (Note: KY 1292 is a tight two-lane road and is not recommended for high profile vehicles.)
    • From the South on I-71:
      • Follow I-71 through the I-75 merge. Take I-75 exit 175 (Richwood/KY 338). Turn Left on KY 338. Follow KY 338 approx 5 miles to US 42. Turn Left on US 42. Follow US 42 approx .5 – 1 mile to the track on the left.
      • Alternate Route: Take exit 72 (Verona/KY 14). Turn Left on KY 14. Follow KY 14 for approx 2.5 miles to US 42. Turn Right on US 42 approx 2.5 miles to the track on the Right. (Note: KY 14 is a tight, winding road with a very steep slope. It is not recommended for motor-homes or those pulling trailers.)

Where are results? How is XXX driver doing?

You can get results and live updates at or on the MyRacePass app.

Can I camp at the track?

Camping is allowed at the track. All camping is primitive as there are no hook-ups or dump stations. At most events, camping is first-come first served and is almost always free of charge. Generally you will want to camp at the perimeter of the parking lots, and we do ask that you take up only the room you need. At certain events, camping ares are mapped and can be restricted to certain days.

Whats your policy on children in the pits?

Children are allowed in the pit areas, but must be accompanied by an adult. A minor release form must be filled out by the parent or guardian. Typically, children under 13 are free in the pit area, but 13 and up are charged full price.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards may be used to purchase tickets at our main entrance only. Credit cards are also accepted at all of our concession stands.. A minimum order may be required on concession items to use a credit card.

What is your golf cart/ATV/SXS policy?

ATV’s and mini-bikes are only allowed in the pit area. Golf Carts and Side By Sides are allowed both in the pit areas and camping areas. Dirt bike type motorcycles are not allowed. Anyone operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner, including going at excessive speeds, doing wheelies, burn outs, or anything determined to be dangerous, will be forced to remove the vehicle from speedway property. Side By Side owners may also be asked to park their vehicles during high congestion periods in the parking and pit areas.

What is your pet policy?

Trained Service animals are the only animals allowed inside the gates or grandstand areas at Florence Speedway. All animals must be leashed and under their handler’s control at all times. This includes making sure the animal is not out of control, growling, or barking excessively. Handlers must immediately clean up any waste left by their animals. Emotional Support Animals are not considered service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act, therefore, they are not allowed inside the gate areas or grandstands.