Press Credential Policy

Florence Speedway's policy on Press Credentials is as follows. Requests for credentials must be mailed or faxed to the track in advance of the event. No Credentials will be issued at the track without a mailed or faxed request for that event. All credentials must be on the represented company's letterhead. If the represented company is a printed publication, a copy of the publication must also be submitted. In the past, most publications have handled this by issuing a complimentary subscription to the track. Credentials are not carried over from one event to the next, so a separate request must be mailed for each event. Also, at this time, we are not honoring requests from internet based publications or sites. If you have any further questions on this policy you can contact us at:      

Note: Requests will not be accepted by email. All email requests will be instructed to send a request through fax or US Postal mail.