Here are some pictures of Florence Speedway in the aftermath of the Blizzard of 08. These pictures were taken on March 8th, 2008. Remember, this is two weeks before the scheduled start of the 2008 season!



Turn 1 from the main grandstands

Front and back stretches
Turn 4
Main parking lot
Main parking lot
Main grandstands
This is the stairwell to the tower in the main grandstands
Snow on the grandstand seats
The snow on the seats is 10" deep
The stairs heading up to the flag stand
Main concession area
Snow drifts near main concession
Snow mounded on the pop machine
Another pop machine snowed in
Notice the snow hanging off the roof
This is a shot of the pits from the pit gate
Snow drifts around the pit gate area
The snow is 16" deep in a lot of areas
My ride for this photo tour
A little deeper and it wouldn't have made it
I don't think we'll need these today
You can hardly tell that there is a row of earth mover tires there
I think that pack truck will be staying there a while
Coming off 4 the snow is mounded over the wall
it is 30+ inches in this area
The snow is mounded over the wall in turn 1 as well
Its the same in turn 2
You can see the snow drifted down the backstretch
The snow is literally knee deep